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Network Sherlock

Deep Dive

 into YOUR network

How are your backups looking?  Are you applications up to date? Are your workstations and network equipment secured?  Maybe you’ve simply outgrown your environment.  

Our Network Sherlock takes a look at your network and security as  a whole. We then make best practice recommendations for a remediation plan and get you moving to the next phase. We look at your hardware, network speeds and security to optimize your network.

Network & Security Assessment

Meet Sherlock

Network Sherlock is a suite of tools and systems we’ve assembled after decades of experience in technology.  We are confident we’ll find your infrastructure and security weak points, and help you build a solid, fast network that will grow with your business. 


Backed by Experience

Over 35 years of combined experience providing a detailed report of your company’s existing IT Infrastructure, Management, Security and Performance. 

Your Input Matters

As professionals, we can tell you what we think you need, but you know your business better than anyone else.  We make it a point to talk to your people and get their pain-points so we can resolve them.

The Best Tools Period

We use the top tools and have the top talent in the market for your network assessments. 

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Do you know everything about your IT? Are you truly safe and secure? Let us give you a free look into the corners of your network you can't see.

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