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Who we Serve

ALL businesses

TechForwardIT serves small and medium businesses of all industries.  Our extensive experience has been predominately with construction and energy clients.

We know every business has their own specific requirements.  If you are looking for IT support in construction, energy, or any other professional services we’d love to show you how we can help. 

Small Businesses

Small Businesses often deal with scalability issues.   Let us help you grow.  TechForwardIT can help your small business with your IT infrastructure, allowing you more time to do what you do best. 


In addition to help in the office, construction clients require assistance in the field at project sites.  Your Superintendents, PM’s, and Engineers need reliable connectivity and technology.  TechForwardIT can provide an infrastructure that will grow with your business whether on premise, in the cloud, or both. 


Energy producers have an increasing demand for data processing and analysis.  They need IT Service Providers than can design, implement, and support on premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions to keep their operations agile and maintain their competitive edge.

Professional services

 Providers of professional services like financial, marketing and administrative services amongst others know that business takes place before and after office hours on all types of devices- Conference calls through Zoom on your iphone, a screen share presentation on your tablet in Teams, etc.

Success Stories

how we’ve helped MAJOR Players

From construction and energy to retail and financial services, we have helped all types of businesses. 

Check out some our success stories below


Internet where there isn't

We helped a major Denver construction company push Internet service to a project trailer at the bottom of a ravine by implementing a Point- to- Point wireless solution from the ISP on the top of a hill. 


The Startup

A new business consulting firm in Westminster needed a new office to impress their clients.  TFIT stepped in with their cabling and AV partners and set up a modern office with wireless TV’s and conference room, cloud file sharing, and secure guest wireless.


Challenging Merger

Two Denver energy companies merged- one in the cloud and one on really old hardware.  We had the expertise to merge their Active Directories and merge both companies smoothly into the same cloud infrastructure.


Connectivity without cables

A hotel construction site was fitted with modern building equipment that needed internet connectivity.  We architected and built a full mesh wireless solution that allowed these machines to operate seamlessly.  Staff used wi-fi based tablets while on the site. 

That old SBS

An acoustical ceiling company had been ignored by their previous provider and were still on an old 2008 SBS in 2019!!!  We successfully moved them to a full cloud infrastructure and stabilized their environment. 

Locking down data

Employees from an Aurora-based steel company were stealing designs, downloading them on their personal devices and going to competitors with the designs.  TFIT came in a leveraged Azure AD security & Intune to only allow M365 access to company devices and disallow downloads to USB keys. 

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