Your small business technology should work for you

Small business owners value their products and services. You excel at what you do, and you want to focus on serving your clients well. But, you are not an IT expert.

When technology challenges arise, you don’t want to be at the mercy of a flaky IT provider who’s unresponsive and makes you wait for days until they drop by. You don’t want a quick fix applied to your unique network issue, and you definitely don’t want to interact with rude support personnel.

Say goodbye to these hassles and partner with TechForward IT! Our team offers solutions tailored specifically for you. Whether we partner together every now and then, or serve as your complete outsourced IT department, you can count on us to seamlessly and expertly address your technology needs.

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Get to know your TechForward IT Team

Meet the leaders behind your small business IT support team

Pete DeFinis

Pete is the CTO and founder of TechForward IT. He has nearly two decades of experience consulting and partnering with small businesses, construction companies, and energy providers. Pete founded TechForward IT in 2018 in order to provide friendly, reliable, and responsive customer service.

Charlie Marcella

Charlie is our CFO and Operations Executive. She has over 20 years of work experience, supporting IT projects through financial and operational management. Charlie has been a constant, driving force in building our strong and laid back culture supporting both our team and clients.

Denise Anderson Tech Forward IT

Denise Anderson

Denise is our Chief Support Enigneer. She brings diligence and an analytical mind, with five years of experience to the Tech Forward IT team. She has experience working in both small businesses and larger corporations. Denise has a masters in cybersecurity and a certificate in web development.

Bella Anastasiou

Bella is our Account Manager. With a background in IT project management and business advisory, she supports us in delivering value to our customers. You’ll find Bella working remotely from somewhere in Europe, bringing flexibility and interesting travel stories to all our meetings.


Bear is the Lead Security Officer and has been on the  TechForward IT team since its inception. He is incredibly proud to point out that as a result of his dutiful service, there have been zero asset thefts. But the snack room’s supply of peanut butter is dwindling a bit too quickly.

Get a Free Network Snapshot

Not sure where to begin? Our free Network Snapshot is designed to identify potential issues or existing problems within your IT network, and provide recommendations for fixing them. The free assessment is conducted at your small business or onsite at your facility, and takes around two hours to complete. You will receive your detailed assessment report within 24-36 hours. 

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The TechForward IT Guarantee

No additional or hidden fees. Ever.

Many IT companies offer technology services, and before you know it, they pile on additional or hidden fees. Not us, not ever. We are committed to putting our clients first and one of the ways we do this is to put our money where our mouth is. Our pricing plans are clear and transparent, with nothing hidden in the fine print. When you partner with TechForward IT, we make sure that your technology works for you and your pocketbook.