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Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery is never a fun topic to talk about. But, it is absolutely essential to have a disaster recovery backup plan in place. What if a (now ex) disgruntled employee deletes all of his/her email? Or, someone accidentally deletes a financial folder and you don’t realize this for months? Or even worse, your office gets broken into…. How do you keep doing business?  
We have solutions to backup your cloud services, your onsite servers, and we can also completely replicate your network in the cloud with our backup and disaster recovery solutions that keep you running during the worst of times.


We backup your O365 or GSuite data using our latest tools.  We can backup users, Teams, and SharePoint sites with infinite retention and fast recovery.


We have partnerships with both Veeam and Datto and select the best solution for your needs.  You have the option to backup onsite only or push files to the cloud.  


We offer a full recovery solution with a replica network that is restored in the cloud in under 3 hours, keeping you up and running at all times.

Reasons to be Prepared


Data Loss Prevention

Keep your data safe in case of system failure or accidental deletion


Peace of Mind

You never know when a  CyberAttack, Office Incident, or intentional deletion will happen.  Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure and productivity loss can be minimized. 



Many companies are subject to compliance by government regulations or client contracts  Regular backups and verification of backup are required for these type of compliance. 


Tax Reporting and Audits

Compile accounting data quickly and easily if you’re audited on old transactions that may have been forgotten about.


Competetive Gain

Save re-work time and energy by preventing data loss.

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