Backup, Data Storage & Disaster Recovery

Providing reliable data backup, storage, and disaster recovery services to small businesses in the Denver metro area

Backup and data storage services keep information safe and accessible for your small business


Technology gives your small business almost endless access to information at the touch of a button. But when data is accidentally deleted, or when systems fail, this valuable information can disappear – permanently. Lost data can endanger the success of your business and your relationships with clients.

This serious concern is completely resolved when you work with an expert in data storage and IT disaster recovery services. Our experts are committed to keeping your information available and quickly accessible, even if something unexpected happens. Rest assured that your data stays at the tip of your finger, so that you and your clients can carry on successfully with the business at hand.

Ready to get started? The health and security of your IT network is always the first priority. Schedule your Free Network Snapshot today.

Cloud Backup and Data Storage Services

When you need reliable and consistent access to your small business data

You can depend on TechForward IT to provide backup and data storage services for your small business. Whether you need cloud backup services, disaster recovery assistance, or ideas for how to best secure and store your company’s information, we’re happy to help.

Headquartered in Denver, we are a full-service IT provider for the greater Denver metro area. Let us put our team’s 35+ years of IT experience to work for you.

Ready to get started? The health and security of your IT network is always the first priority. Schedule your Free Network Snapshot today.

Benefits of backup, data storage, and disaster recovery services from TechForward IT

Recover Your Data

Accidentally delete important data? All is not lost! We can retrieve it from either your cloud backup or by using our IT disaster recovery services.


Stay Up & Running

Keep your small business successfully operating at all times, even in the worst case scenario of a system failure, by using cloud backup services.

Develop a Plan

Prepare for the unexpected. Work with us to develop a cloud or onsite backup and data storage recovery plan for your unique small business network and needs.

Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Data Storage Services Overview

What it is

Want some help with backup and data storage services for your small business? Partner with us. We offer quick and solid IT disaster recovery services that will give you valuable peace of mind that your data can be retrieved from the cloud or onsite servers rather than being lost forever. If you’re looking into cloud backup services, or would like some guidance on developing a data recovery plan, we can help.

What it includes

  • Confidence that your small business will stay up and running at all times, even in the case of a system failure
  • Peace of mind that accidentally-deleted data is not lost; for it can be found in the cloud or onsite backup or via our IT disaster recovery services
  • Compliance with industry standards for your small business
  • Robust backup and data storage services for individual users, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint, complete with infinite retention and fast recovery
  • The security of knowing you have a solid data loss prevention plan and system in place
  • Access to TechForward IT’s full recovery solution which includes a replica network that is restored in the cloud in under three hours
  • Access our partnerships with Veeam and Datto to select the best solution for your needs
  • Option to backup onsite only or push files to the cloud
  • Expert assistance in recovery planning strategies for the future of your business

Ready to get started? The health and security of your IT network is always the first priority. Schedule your Free Network Snapshot today.

Data Backup, Recovery, and Storage Services You Can Trust

Our Backup and Data Recovery Services will keep your small business data close at hand

35+ Years of Experience

TechForward IT brings decades of experience in backup and data storage consulting services. We provide a full range of data retrieval solutions for small businesses in the Denver metro area.

Certified Expertise

You need an IT disaster recovery service provider who understands how to retrieve your small business data fast. That’s us, and we have the degrees, 38+ certificates, and vendor partnerships, too.

Reliable IT Partners

We provide reliable cloud backup services that are designed to make your technology work for you. When you partner with us, you can trust that your data is protected and readily accessible.

Get a Free Network Snapshot

Need help knowing where to start? Our free Network Snapshot will find any issues within your current network and data storage services, and provide recommendations for fixing them. We conduct this assessment onsite at your small business, and it takes about two hours to complete. You will receive your detailed informational report — and a whole lot of clarity — within 24-36 hours.


A Disaster Recovery Services Success Story

Clients tell us, time and time again, that they are glad we have their back. We do! We are committed to making your technology work for you.

We recently helped a small business in Denver that was starting to expand. Business was good enough that the owner was considering opening another branch, but was concerned about losing data in the process, or eventually losing data down the road when both offices were up and running simultaneously. Our engineers listened to the plans for expansion and evaluated the small business IT network. They were already using effective, efficient storage systems, so we recommended that they keep up the good work in the new location. We also suggested cloud backup services to ensure good data recovery for them. As a result of our data storage and disaster recovery services, they could expand with ease, knowing that they would not lose their valuable business information.

Small business team happy with Tech Forward IT<br />

The TechForward IT Guarantee

Transparent pricing, guaranteed.

Many IT companies offer complex backup and data storage service plans and then nickel and dime their clients every step of the way. We won’t do that to you! When you partner with TechForward IT, we make sure that your technology works for you and your budget. Our agreed-upon pricing plans are clear and we never push additional or hidden fees onto our clients.