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The Right NEtwork

 built for YOUR business

Many businesses are stuck with an outdated, archaic architecture that drastically slows productivity. Many IT providers try to fit you into their generic templates.  But, each business is unique and not one size fits all. 
Let us help you build a scalable, supportable network that moves at the speed of business.  Imagine files opening with ease, websites loading when you need them to, and wireless that works wherever you are. We can build that for you.


 Wireless connectivity is becoming less of a commodity and more of a requirement in modern business.  We offer creative solutions to reduce coverage gaps and make roaming through your office or site seamless.


Creative Internet

Whether you want to optimize your office speeds, create a redundant connection or get internet to an offsite location we can help  We have a team of ISP brokers that can get Internet where others can’t.

Remote Access

COVID has changed how we work.  Companies are now allowing their employees to work remotely.  Is your company ready for mobile employees?  We can get you there. 



 Physical or virtual servers?  Onsite, Cloud, or Both?  There is not one correct answer.  TFIT helps you determine your best path to a scalable and efficient architecture.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.
Steve Jobs

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