Cloud Consulting & Migration

Offering a range of flexible solutions to migrate your small business to the cloud

Cloud migration will keep your small business mobile and agile

Technology gives you all the data and information you could want, at your fingertips. But when you can only access it in the office or on the company computer, you’re very limited. This anchors you down and prevents your small business from moving forward.

These needless obstacles are swept away when you have an expert in cloud migration service as your IT partner. Our cloud consulting experts are committed to keeping your information safe, secure, and completely accessible so you can focus on the business at hand. Your small business will become agile and mobile, enabling you to access your data from anywhere, at any time, on any device. 

Ready to get started? The health and security of your IT network is always the first priority. Schedule your Free Network Snapshot today.

Cloud Migration Consulting

When you need safe and secure cloud migration services for your small business

Count on TechForward IT to provide cloud consulting and migration services for your small business. Whether you need to move your data to the cloud for more flexibility, an Azure or Microsoft 365 cloud migration, or help maintaining your existing cloud infrastructure, we’re here for you. 

Headquartered in Denver, we provide services to the Denver metro area and beyond. Let us bring our team’s 35+ years of IT experience to the table to make technology work for you.

Ready to get started? The health and security of your IT network is always the first priority. Schedule your Free Network Snapshot today.


Benefits of migrating your small business data to the cloud

Access Data Anywhere

Stay flexible and mobile. Cloud migration lets you access your data anywhere, on devices you choose.

Save Money

Enjoy the cost savings that comes with running a cloud-based business. No need for pricey hardware. 

Choose What Works for You

Stay agile by selecting only the cloud migration services that work best for your small business.

Cloud Consulting & Migration Services Overview

What it is

Need help migrating your company’s data to the cloud? We’re here for you. Our cloud consulting services ensure that your information remains secure. You’ll love the increased data access and cost savings that operating in the cloud brings to your small business. Not sure if the cloud is right for you? While lots of companies are moving to the cloud, it’s not the best solution for everyone’s applications and budget. We’ll help you figure that out, and build you a cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premise infrastructure.

What it includes

  • Assurance that your business stays mobile and agile
  • Peace of mind that your information remains secure
  • Enhanced data access for your remote and mobile workforce
  • Boosted Microsoft capabilities such as 365 Cloud Migration and seamless Teams integration
  • Increased scalability, plus access to your data from anywhere, on any device or limited access to only certain company devices
  • Decreased expenses from not having to buy unnecessary hardware
  • Deploy your company’s services quickly and easily with no need to wait on equipment or infrastructure build out
  • Host your current applications with ease, such as Quickbooks, Microsoft Azure, and Foundations
  • Maintain control of your small business technology by choosing only what cloud migration services you need
  • Take advantage of our expert consulting services for Microsoft Azure products like Intune and Azure AD

Ready to get started? The health and security of your IT network is always the first priority. Schedule your Free Network Snapshot today.

A Cloud Migration Service You Can Count On

We’ll provide your small business with secure and stress-free Cloud Migration


35+ Years of Experience

Our engineers bring decades of experience in IT support and consulting services. We provide agile and scalable technology solutions for small businesses in the Denver metro area.


Technology Experts

You need a Cloud Migration expert who understands your IT infrastructure. That’s us. We know tech, and have over 38 certificates from seven prominent vendors to prove it.


Reliable & Trustworthy

We provide reliable cloud consulting services designed to make your technology work for you. When you partner with us, you can trust that your IT systems are working just right.

Get a Free Network Snapshot

Not sure how to get started? Our free Network Snapshot will find any issues within your current IT or cloud infrastructure and provide recommendations for solving them. We conduct this assessment at your business, and it is usually completed within two hours. You will receive your comprehensive report in about 24-36 hours.


A Cloud Migration Success Story

If you’re our customer, we have your back! We want technology to work for you, and that means we take the time to understand your unique small business needs before we make any recommendations.

We recently helped two Denver businesses with their merger. They were worried about integrating their technology because one was already in the cloud and the other was not. Both companies told us they were concerned about possible data loss and security issues that might come from a cloud migration. We took the time to listen and learn about their business goals, then provided the right cloud migration services for them. A beautiful IT partnership was formed! We had the expertise to merge their active directories smoothly into the same cloud infrastructure. As a result of our cloud consulting services, their data merger was seamless and stress-free.

Small business team happy with Tech Forward IT<br />

The TechForward IT Guarantee

Totally Transparent Pricing Plans

Many cloud consulting and migration companies pile on extra fees and hidden costs for their services. Not us, not ever. Our pricing plans are completely transparent. When you partner with TechForward IT, you can rest assured that you won’t be surprised by additional fees.