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Technology is the backbone of your small business. It’s a critical piece of your business success, yet it’s easy to take for granted when it just works. But when your computer network goes down, so does everything else, resulting in a state of chaos your small business can’t afford to endure.   

These painful situations are avoidable when you have a proactive, managed IT service provider by your side. Plus, there’s a certain sense of peace that comes with knowing who to contact for tech support. Call on us when you need IT consulting or managed IT support. We’ll ensure your technology is always working for you, resulting in a state of happiness and efficiency your small business can’t afford to miss out on. 

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Managed IT Support Packages

When you need a proactive, reliable, and experienced IT Support team

TechForward IT provides a mix of managed IT services and support to small businesses in the Denver metro area. If you need help with a project, an IT partner to provide regular consulting and support, or comprehensive management of your network, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you need an outsourced IT department, help with a technology project, or supplemental support for your IT team, give us a call. Let us bring our team’s 35+ years of IT experience to the table to solve all your technology problems. 


Overview of Managed IT Service Packages

Basic: Alacarte IT Consulting

Need miscellaneous IT project consulting or coverage for out-of-office staff? This package gives you an IT partner you can trust on an hourly or retainer basis here and there, to help with this and that.

Essential: Co-Managed IT Services

Need to supplement your in-house IT team with more robust, full-service support than our Basic package includes? This package gives you a managed IT service provider to co-manage your technology infrastructure at a predictable monthly rate.

Elite: Fully-Managed IT Services

Need a complete outsourced IT department for a predictable monthly fee? This package gives you unlimited managed IT support from strategy and planning, to security monitoring and troubleshooting, and everything in between.

Basic: Ala carte IT Consulting Overview

What it is

Our Basic IT Consulting package is designed to provide you with the specific help you need on a project or consulting basis, when you need it. This is perfect for your company if you don’t want managed IT services, but know you need help occasionally.

What it includes

  • Peace of mind knowing you can tag us in as needed
  • IT consulting and support for your one-off IT projects
  • Coverage for out-of-office IT staff
  • Supplementing your IT team’s expertise in networking, wireless, cloud services, remote access, and server and endpoint management
  • Answering questions or concerns about your IT systems
  • Handling issues your team doesn’t have the time or skill sets to manage
  • Helping to finish open IT projects or plans
  • Priced on an hourly or retainer basis, based on the scope of work

Essential: Co-Managed IT Services Overview

What it is

Our Essential Co-managed IT Services package is designed to provide you with a reliable IT partner to manage your IT environment with you. This is perfect for your company if you already have an IT department and need to fill in some blanks on a regular basis.

What it includes

  • Peace of mind knowing your systems will be monitored 24/7/365 by our remote monitoring and management tools
  • Flexible scope of work, depending on what your current team wants / needs
  • IT consulting and support for your entire IT strategy or one-off IT projects
  • Supplementing your IT team’s expertise in networking, wireless, cloud services, remote access, and server and endpoint management
  • Coverage for out-of-office IT staff
  • Handling escalations your team doesn’t have the time or skill sets to manage
  • Customize your package with helpful add-ons like a help desk ticketing system, remote support screen share, and documentation management access — all available for an additional fee
  • Priced at a predictable monthly rate, lower than our alacarte consulting services

Elite: Fully-Managed IT Services Overview

What it is

Our Elite Fully-managed IT Services package is designed to be your complete outsourced IT department. This is perfect for your company if you want a reliable support team to provide unlimited managed IT support during business hours, without the burden of additional overhead for an in-house team. We’ll help with anything and everything related to your technology infrastruture.

What it includes

  • Peace of mind knowing your systems will be monitored 24/7/365 by our remote monitoring and management tools
  • Complete oversight of daily maintenance and any IT related questions or concerns
  • IT support, planning, and strategy with consultative meetings and IT roadmaps to get your systems aligned with IT best practices
  • Network and systems compliance aligned with your company’s industry standard
  • Backup testing and verification, ticketing system insights, comprehensive documentation management and access, anti-virus, and proactive monitoring included in package
  • Unlimited IT support during business hours
  • Predictable monthly rates for workstation, server, and network equipment monitoring and management, including firmware updates and patching
  • After-hours support as needed is available for an additional hourly fee

A Managed IT Service Provider You Can Trust

Count on us for reliable and proactive Managed IT Services in the Denver area


35+ Years of IT Experience

Our engineers bring over three decades of experience in IT consulting and managed IT support. We’re experts in systems architecture and design, network infrastructure, and how it all works together.


Certified, Certified, Certified

You need a proactive and reliable IT partner who knows what they’re doing. As lifelong learners, we bring the university degrees and 38 certifications — and counting — to your managed IT support team.


Flexible & Customizable

We may be systematic in what we do, but that doesn’t mean we believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. We’ll work with you to design a managed IT services package that works for your unique needs.

Get Our Free Network Snapshot

Not sure where to start? Our free Network Snapshot will show you any threats within your IT infrastructure and provide clear recommendations that our managed IT support packages could solve. Our assessment is conducted onsite at your business and takes about two hours. Your detailed report is delivered within 24-36 hours.


What our clients say about our Managed IT Services

Your success is our success! Again and again, our customers say how happy they are with us as their managed IT service provider. We’ve got their back when it comes to computer networks and IT support.

“As a CEO of a small business, I understand the value of having extremely capable outside IT Support. In a world of ever-changing technology, I can’t afford to hire an employee to take care of technical infrastructure. The hard part is finding someone who is highly capable, responsive and reliable. Plus, I can speak with Peter and not feel like I am a technical novice.

Nearly 10 years ago, my company was fortunate to have Peter DeFinis as our external IT engineer. His proactive approach helped identify the need for us to navigate from older servers to a new virtual architecture. This allowed the business to triple in three years without any hiccup from our network. It also helped us implement robust disaster recovery and remote access capabilities.

I continue to partner with Peter and his organization in all of my new business ventures. I find that his company provides the top level technical expertise service I’ve been able to find for small and midsize businesses at a reasonable price.”

Matthew Pohl

Principal, The ReWild Group

A Managed IT Services Success Story

An acoustical ceiling company in Denver became our client when their previous managed IT service provider simply stopped responding to them. Tired of being ignored, they reached out to us. It turned out that they were using a small business server from 2008 . . . in 2019! We stepped in to manage their IT, stabilize their network environment, and move them to a full cloud infrastructure. With us, they have full-service managed IT support, and a partner who will respond each and every time.


The TechForward IT Guarantee

Total Transparent Pricing Plans

Many managed IT service providers offer basic services to their clients, and then pile on extra fees for each little thing. Not us. Our pricing plans are totally transparent and never include additional or hidden fees. With TechForward IT, you’ll receive the support, consulting, and managed IT services included in your plan at the price we agree to when you sign up, guaranteed.