Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

Keeping your business safe with Vulnerability Testing, Penetration Testing, and Security Monitoring

Fortify your Small Business IT Defenses

Technology integrates computer systems and programs in order to keep your small business running efficiently. But if you’re not an IT expert, how much do you really know about your network’s defenses or firewalls? Could viruses or malware be lurking in the shadows? These concerns will make you question the security of your IT infrastructure and work spaces. 

These unsettling potential threats are eliminated when you have a cybersecurity expert beside you. Our vulnerability and penetration testing will identify any areas of weakness in your existing network security. Additionally, our monitoring and alert services will eliminate future threats. You can rest easy in the assurance that your small business infrastructure is secure and speedy.

Ready to get started? The health and security of your IT network is always the first priority. Schedule your Free Network Snapshot today.

Cybersecurity Consulting

When you need threat monitoring and defensive protocols to protect your IT infrastructure from attacks

Depend on TechForward IT to provide enhanced security assessments for your small business — at an impressively affordable price when compared to industry standards. Whether you want to double check the efficiency of your computer systems or need to provide more robust defensive measures against threats, we can help.

Located in Denver, we provide risk assessment services and cybersecurity consulting the surrounding Denver metro area. You can trust in our team’s 35+ years of IT experience to get your technology working for you.  

Ready to get started? The health and security of your IT network is always the first priority. Schedule your Free Network Snapshot today.


Cybersecurity Assessments and Services

Our cybersecurity assessments and services are designed to identify vulnerabilities within your IT network and offer reliable solutions. Not only will these professional tools bring you peace of mind, they will do it at a fraction of the cost charged by other IT companies — guaranteed. We exist to make technology work for you, so we have designed our testing and monitoring services in a way that will make these critical services affordable

Monthly Vulnerability Testing

Viruses, malware, data breaches, and the other evolving forms of cyber attacks can seriously disrupt or damage your business. Stay one step ahead of potential threats with our monthly vulnerability testing service. Our comprehensive scans evaluate both onsite and remote systems, identifying weaknesses in your network and applications.

Penetration Testing

Want to be sure that your IT network is safe from attacks and breaches? Take proactive steps to fortify your defenses with our penetration testing service. Whether you opt for monthly, quarterly, or annual assessments, our simulated cyber attacks identify vulnerabilities across your network infrastructure. 

SaaS & Shadow IT Monitoring

Cyberattacks are not just complex and dangerous, they are rapidly evolving. Harness the power of real-time monitoring and alerting with our SaaS & Shadow IT service and NIST policy updates. By integrating seamlessly with O365 and Azure AD, we provide continuous monitoring to detect Brute Force attacks, malicious link contact, and risky user behavior.

Zero Trust Workstations

How can you know if Trojans or Crypto tools are running on your computer systems? Elevate your security posture with our Zero Trust Workstations solution. With ThreatLocker installation on workstations and servers, we enforce strict access controls and test all applications in an isolated environment to ensure they are truly safe, allowing only pre-approved applications to run on your network.

SASE Networking

With so many employees working virtually, how can you protect workstations from cyber threats? Adopt a proactive approach to network security with our SASE Networking service. By deploying virtual firewalls and networks, we shield your workstations with advanced protection, including URL filtering, IDS/IPS, and application filtering.

Phishing Testing & Awareness Training

Effective phishing testing and awareness training programs should be ongoing and tailored to the specific needs and risks of the organization. Regularly scheduled phishing tests help keep employees vigilant, while continuous education ensures that they stay informed about emerging threats and best practices.

Affordable Cybersecurity Services Will Protect Your Network

We’ll defend your small business systems against cybersecurity threats


35+ Years of Experience

We have over three decades of experience providing IT security and consulting services to small businesses in and around Denver. We know how to protect your infrastructure against cyber threats.


Cybersecurity Experts

Your business needs a security expert who understands the evolving nature of cyberattacks. We know what threats to watch out for and have the degrees, vendor partners, and 38+ certificates to back us up.


Reliable & Trustworthy

At TechForward IT, we are responsive to your technology questions and concerns. We provide reliable security assessments and solutions that are designed to make your technology work for you.

Get a Free Network Snapshot

Wondering where to begin? Our free Network Snapshot delves into potential issues within your existing IT or cloud systems and provides precise recommendations for resolution. This assessment is executed on-site at your business, typically concluding within two hours. Expect a detailed report summarizing our findings within 24-36 hours.


A Cyber Security Success Story

When you partner with us, we have your back! We want your technology to work for you, so we will listen closely to your concerns and align our services with your small business needs.

One of our financial services clients in Denver was worried about cybersecurity threats, specifically data breaches and cyberattacks. We conducted vulnerability and penetration testing of their IT infrastructure, and installed ThreatLocker on workstations and servers to prevent unauthorized or malicious software from executing, while enhancing endpoint security and mitigating potential threats. With the knowledge that only pre-approved applications could run on their computer systems, they gained the confidence that all small business owners should have in their operations.

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The TechForward IT Guarantee

Totally Transparent Pricing Plans

Many cybersecurity companies pile on extra fees and hidden costs for their services. Not us, not ever. Our pricing plans are completely transparent. When you partner with TechForward IT, rest assured that you won’t be surprised by additional fees. We guarantee it.